For your safety and enjoyment, please observe the following rules of use at Le Lake Retreat:

  • Le Lake Retreat is a ‘Smoke-Free’ and ‘No alcohol’ venue for all tobacco products including electronic smoking devices.
  • No domestic pets are permitted in the retreat.
  • No children under 18 years old are permitted in the retreat.
  • Use the marked walkways and paths and do not walk through garden beds or virgin bush.
  • Due to the culturally significant rustic nature of the retreat, particular care should be taken around steps, bush tracks and water features. Visitors are urged to carefully assess their physical capacity and suitability of footwear to explore some areas. Visitors should also consider the natural risks associated with flora and fauna.
  • Swimming is not permitted.
  • Please do not pick plants or flowers.
  • Ball games, skateboards, bicycles or similar are not suitable activities in the retreat.
  • Please feel free to take photos for your personal use.
  • Photography for commercial purposes is only permissible with prior written consent from the Le Lake Retreat Management.